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Video Recipe: Brie Membrillo and Asian Pear Crostini

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

For those who want to impress their guests with simple and delicious appetizers we are happy to present a fabulous Brie Membrillo & Asian Pear Crostini video recipe!

Chef Jim Piano at Coquette Bistro in Philadelphia offers a step by step guide to make these incredibly delightful French appetizers at home.

The ingredients you need are: Baguette, Container Membrillo (also known as quince paste), Asian Pear and Brie Cheese.

1st step: Take a Baguette, slice it diagonally and grill with olive oil.

2nd step: Spread some Membrillo on one side of each sliced piece of warm grilled baguette.

3rd step: Top the Membrillo with a slice of Brie cheese.

4th step: Finish each Crostini with a crisp piece of Asian pear.


Just 4 simple steps + 5 minutes of your time and you are ready to savor these gourmet appetizers!

Bon appétit!

Cheese Around the Web

Friday, December 30th, 2011


Join us each week for a look at the latest cheese news from across the web!

This week: New Year’s Cheese Fondue, Party Dips and Appetizers for New Year’s Eve, Say “cheese” with style with New Year’s tray, Fabulous finger foods for New Year’s Eve parties.

New Year’s Cheese Fondue by Sally Rosenthal via – A great Cheese Fondue recipe for your festive New Year dinner (check out more delicious fondue recipes here).

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Fabulous finger foods for New Year’s Eve parties by Andrew Z. Galarneau via – Try these delightfully delicious finger foods for your New Year’s Eve party. (Check out our finger foods recipes for adding even more flavors to your festive dinner).

Bon appétit! And Happy New Year!