Susan’s goat cheese & veggie croustillant with blackberry coulis

-1 Ile de France Goat Cheese buchette
-2 Cloves of Garlic
-1/2 lb of Portabella Mushrooms
-1/2 lb of Green Beans
-3 Large Cherry Tomatoes
-3 Walnuts
-Olive Oil
-Salt and Pepper

1. Make your own dough or buy some large wonton wrappers. You will need enough to cut out 12 – 2″ by 2″ squares.

2. Prepare a blackberry coulis, either from scratch or by using a jam or jelly base.

3. If you have made your own dough, you must roll it out as thin as possible.

4. Cut the wrappers or your own dough into 12 – 2″ by 2″ small squares

5. Bake the squares at 400 degrees for about 3 minutes. They should be hard, but not yet ‘toasted’.

6. Place 1/2 lb of portabella mushrooms, 1/2 of fresh cut green beans, 2 chopped cloves of garlic and 4 tbsp of olive oil in a pan, salt, pepper and cover. Cook until the vegetables are tender.

7. Cut an Ile de France goat cheese buchette into 12 1/4-inch thick slices

8. Place a small mix of cooked vegetables at the center of each square.

9. Cover the vegetables with a slice of Ile de France Goat Cheese Buchette.

10. Set your oven to ‘Broil’. When ready, broil the squares until the goat cheese melts and the squares are toasted.

11. Place your squares on a large plate – large enough to contain all the squares and leave a bit of room for some extra coulis.

12. Slice 2 or 3 large cherry tomatoes and place a slice on each square, on top of the hot goat cheese.

13. Top each tomato slice with a 1/4 of a walnut.

14. Pour the coulis sparingly on each square (if desired) and pour a larger amount on the plate.

…And voila! An interesting appetizer combining delicious goat cheese, healthy vegetables and the surprising sweetness of a blackberry coulis!

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