Surprisingly pairing: Whiskey and Cheese! What’s the secret?!

Did you know whiskey and cheese are a popular pairing? You may find it surprising that the two harmonize well together. Whiskey enthusiast Oliver Klimek examined the combination recently on his blog Dramming!

His step by step analysis compares fermentation, aging and other production processes of both cheese and whiskey. He finds some intriguing similarities:

“Cheese and whiskey don’t only show some surprising team spirit in pleasing our taste buds. Looking closer at the production processes we can find some similarities and analogies that make them look like cousins in a way.”

“Some cheeses are made with special varieties of mould like camembert (white) and roquefort (blue), or they have a orange crust from special bacteria like munster. As these all grow during maturation, it is not too far-fetched to draw an analogy to the maturation of whiskey in differentcask types. Different cask types add different flavors to whiskey, just as different cultures do so with cheese,” he added.

For all interesting details and surprising conclusions of Oliver Klimek’s investigation please check out his article Whiskey And Cheese – Some Interesting Parallels.

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