Smoked Cheese?

Would you combine cheese and tobacco? ? We’re guessing a resounding no, but Stuart Stebbings of De Pere, Wisconsin did just that when he patented the combo in 1964.

The inspiration for this, uh, interesting concept was sincere. He thought people were smoking too much because they weren’t getting enough satisfaction from their cigarettes – and that they got hooked partly because filters were not absorbent enough to block tar and nicotine. He found that cheese makes a very efficient tobacco filter – and a delicious one at that.

According to Stebbings, the filter works the best when a hard cheese is used because it allows the smoke to pass freely through the unique blend of particles. Curious? Directions can be found at the above link, but the CLB thinks there are much better uses for hard cheeses – like enjoying them with hard alcohol (enjoyed in moderation, of course).

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