Sea Bass and Brie sauce by Chef Kamil

Bass Ile de France cheese


Half  cut 7oz. French Cheese Brie
1 half cut fillet of sea bass
1/4 butter
3 whole spoons whipped cream cheese
half tea spoon crushed red pepper
fresh diced quarter inch chives
thin strait cut slice cucumber 3
red grapes slice thin whole 2
1 lemon

Put some olive oil on hand and start spreading over sea bass until all covered. Then salt lightly both sides . Also season pepper on both sides. Set aside. Put heat on high . Take small pan, add butter let melt. Add brie and stir.  When smooth add whipped cream . Mix until smooth again. Add in the chives and crushed red peppers. Mix until smooth set aside. Put frying pan on high heat with a 2 table spoons of olive oil . When pan hot put the Bass outer layer with skin on frying pan and cook until change color for about 4 to 5 min . While that is cooking . Take cucumber and slice thin round piece and cut thin length wise. Also take the red grapes and slice round thin. Set aside. After 5 min, put fish under broiler for 4 to 5 min until cooked. When finished put Bass on plate with few pieces of lettuce on bottom of plate. Pour the Brie Sauce onto fish spreading over fish. Put grape slices and cucumber on top of fish with Brie sauce . This could be served with rice on side. Extra!
red grapes and  hot red pepper. For an extra flavor boost put lemon zest on top fish.

Chef Kamil

Total points: 469.76

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