Salad Saturdays: Spinach Gets a Makeover

This Salad Saturday, we get a new spin on a salad staple, and just in time for tomorrow’s Bastille Day celebrations!

Food blogger Patty Price of Patty’s Food blog shows us how she livens up a healthy Spinach Salad:

My favorite things about my spinach salad are the sweet juicy cherries served along with the crumbled fresh goat cheese and walnuts. The walnut oil in the vinaigrette is also good with the goat cheese and fresh cherries.

This special recipe features a special vinaigrette that includes walnut oil, honey, and lime juice. Taking the time to craft your own dressing can lead to a much better result! You can find her complete recipe for this tasty spinach, cherry, goat cheese & walnut salad on her blog Spinach salad with cherries goat cheese and walnuts Spinach salad with cherries goat cheese and walnuts


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