#CheeseTip: Bringing out the Cheese

October 7th, 2014

Hey Cheese Buffs, we’re sharing weekly cheese tips to help you store and savor your cheese! How well do you know your cheese facts?

#CheeseTip: Remove cheese from the fridge at least  __ minutes before serving. Can you guess the answer?



A: Remove 30 minutes to an hour before serving.

#FallForCheese: Broccoli, Brie, and Walnut Rotini

October 3rd, 2014

Autumn’s in full swing and we’re sharing the cheesiest recipes in our #FallForCheese series. These are handpicked recipes from the most original food bloggers we could find!

This week’s blogger, Marissa, is from Oregon and is as handy with a hammer as she is with a kitchen knife (she enjoys restoration)! Marissa’s blog Pinch and Swirl is chock full of savory dishes and sweet ones too! Her recipe features the delectable Brie and it’s called: Broccoli, Brie and Walnut Rotini. We love this new spin on a standard rotini pasta. Don’t you just want to grab the brie right off the screen?

Check out her amazing recipe here: Broccoli, Brie and Walnut Rotini.

Pinch and Swirl can also be found on:






Every week this fall, we’ll be sharing a new recipe to make you #FallForCheese all over again. ‘Til then, connect and start cooking!



#FallForCheese: Roquefort Grapes

September 26th, 2014

Ah fall… the season of all things pumpkin spice, comfort food and cheese with…everything! This is the time to #FallForCheese and to celebrate its savory goodness, we’re sharing some of our very favorite recipes we’ve rounded up from the best food bloggers around!

This week’s blogger hails from South Carolina and features the savory Roquefort!

Jennifer, writer, recipe developer and photographer behind Carolina Girl Cooks has an amazing gourmet snack idea for your next tailgate party: her Roquefort Grapes! “These will keep for about a week and a half in the fridge, so feel free to make them several days in advance before you actually need them.” These are the things hosts and party planners love to here!

Check out her amazing recipe here: Roquefort Grapes

For more southern gourmet recipes, follow Jennifer on Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest!

Every week this fall, we’ll be sharing a new recipe to make you #FallForCheese all over again. ‘Til then!





#FlavorMeltdown Loaded Baked Potatoes with BBQ Brisket & Blue Cheese

September 19th, 2014

You’ll never look at baked potatoes the same again after trying this recipe from A Bachelor & His Grill!   Baked Potatoes are stuffed to the brim with homemade BBQ Brisket & plenty of blue cheese. If you want to recreate this dish at home, try using Ile de France Roquefort cheese to add a layer of complex, cheesy flavor.


#FlavorMeltdown Blue Cheese Burgers with Creamy Buffalo Sauce

September 12th, 2014

The ladies over at Favorite Family Recipes sure know how to grill a mean burger! Perfect for #FlavorMeltdown, their Blue Cheese Burgers with Creamy Buffalo Sauce are oh-so-delicious thanks to crispy bacon, grilled onions, and salty Ile de France Roquefort blue cheese crumbles.


For more bold recipes make sure to check out Favorite Family Recipes on Facebook and Twitter!


Goat Cheese Giveaway Quiz Answers

September 10th, 2014
Hey cheese buffs, here are the answers to last month’s Goat Cheese Giveaway Quiz on Facebook. Did you get them all right?
Which of these can be made with goat cheese:

A) ice cream

B) pizza

C) mac and cheese

D) all of the above


Approximately when was goat cheese first enjoyed by ancient Eastern Mediterranean farmers?

A) 8000 B.C.

B) 1865 A.D.

C) 1776 A.D.

D) 1492 A.D.


Goat cheese is sometimes referred to as Chèvre. Chèvre is French for:

A) cheese

B) goat

C) an American car

D) a popular comedian in the 1980’s


A majority of goat cheeses come from:

A) Guam

B) Timbuktu

C) France

D) Atlantis




#FlavorMeltdown Moroccan Spice-Maple Encrusted Steak with Red Pear & Blue Cheese Spring Salad

September 5th, 2014

With summer coming to a close, you still have a few more chances to get outside and fire up the grill.  David of A Bachelor & His Grill has the perfect recipe for some late summer grilling; his Moroccan Spice-Maple Encrusted Grilled Chateaubriand with Red Pear & Blue Cheese Spring Salad is full of bold spices and rich flavors. We recommend using Ile de France Roquefort cheese for the salad.


Our Resident Cheesebuff Talks Goat Cheese (Part 3)

August 30th, 2014

As we say goodbye to National Goat Cheese Month, we get one last goat cheese Q&A  with our resident #cheesebuff Tom Connin! He shares his Goat Cheese wisdom with us:

IDF: What gives Ile de France Cheese its fresh flavor?

TC: Acidity and tanginess from goat’s milk.

Everyday is National Goat Cheese Month for us!


#FlavorMeltdown Roasted Acorn Squash & Arugula Salad

August 29th, 2014

August is almost over and so is national goat cheese month, so we’ve got one more goat cheese themed #FlavorMeltdown, where we share with you the most tempting grilling recipes that call for delicious Brie, Goat cheese, or Roquefort! We love the grilling recipes from Robyn’s blog Grill Grrrl and so we just had to share one more with you: Roasted Acorn Squash & Arugula Salad.

It has a beautiful presentation and is begging to be served at your next outdoor get-together!

Robyn encourages “women to learn to grill as it is a great way to create healthy, flavorful dishes without all the fuss and clean up in the kitchen.” We’re all for grilling too, so we definitely recommend checking out Robyn on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest as well!

Happy grilling!



Our Resident Cheesebuff Talks Goat Cheese (Part 2)

August 25th, 2014

August is National Goat Cheese Month and what better way to celebrate than with our resident #cheesebuff Tom Connin! He shares his Goat Cheese wisdom in honor of  this glorious month.

IDF: What are a couple unique ways to serve goat cheese?

TC: Stuff piquillo peppers with chevre / make chocolate truffles using chevre.

Something to try- chocolate and cheese! Thanks for the tip Chef Tom!