New Year, New You

2015 is coming to a close which means everyone will be making and talking about their New Year’s resolutions. For most people this includes eating healthier. One of the hardest parts about eating healthier is trying to avoid bad snacks especially if you have kids. So we put together 3 of our easy, delicious and healthy cheesy snacks for you.

Brie with Pomegranate Seeds

Simply place a slice of our creamy brie on your favorite cracker and top with delicious in-season pomegranate seeds. You can either pit the pomegranate yourself or buy the seeds separately.

Saint Agur with Honey and Walnuts

Top crackers with our Saint Agur, a little drizzle of honey and some chopped walnuts! The honey compliments the mild saltiness of this blue cheese and walnuts add a much needed crunch.

Brie spread on Apples or Pears

This last one is the easiest to prepare but that does not mean it is not delicious. Take our brie cheese and spread on slices of apples or juicy in-season pears. The creamy, rich texture of the cheese compliments the juicy fruit. This is a great snack to bring to the office! Especially with our mini – bries.



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