Low Fat Cheese benefits – myth or reality?

Just about every piece of dietary advice you can find recommends low-fat or non-fat dairy. But a growing number of experts are arguing that it’s healthier to eat and drink dairy products with all the fat left in. The fat in dairy foods is roughly 50 to 60 percent saturated fat, but the idea that this is bad for your heart may be nothing more than a mistaken interpretation of the science.

Dr. Mercola, who is a famous health activist  at Chicago, and  is a founder of the natural health site Mercola.com, says:

“I think it’s safe to say that one of the biggest myths recently sabotaging many Americans’ diets is the idea that low-fat and fat-free foods are healthy. It first started in the ’50s and was largely a result of seriously flawed research by Ancel Keys. Fortunately most people are recognizing the fallacy of this myth, but many still believe it, even though natural fats, like the kind found in full-fat raw dairy, are very good for you….” Read more

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