IDF Ghost Hunt Answer to Clue #5 and Bonus Clue

IDF - Ghost Hunt


Thanks for ghost hunting with us on our IDF Ghost Hunt, where we hid a “Gourmet Ghost” on one page of our website, and everyday, we’d release a new clue on where the Gourmet Ghost was on that day!

The answer to Thursday’s clue: “Saintly & soft, this cheese is heavenly with chocolate.” was the St. Andre cheese page  get it? “Saintly”!

The answer to Friday’s final bonus clue: “Have your cheese & eat it too this weekend!” was Gourmet Cheesecake Recipes  get it? “Have your [cheese] cake and eat it too”!

Thanks again for Ghost Hunting with us! The fun doesn’t stop there, we’ve got another giveaway going on right now: The Holi-Daily Draw ending on Nov. 6th! Enter daily to win Ile de France cheese!

IDF Holi Daily Draw Free Cheese Giveaway



Good luck! 🙂




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