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Today we have a great news for all mac and cheese lovers!!!

A recent article in the Chicago Sun Times features a great way to make a full flavored mac and cheese dish that has less fat than most regular macaroni and cheese recipes!

The simple secret of the creamy, flavorful and low calorie macaroni and cheese recipe is butternut squash! The squash can be used in place of most of the cream and butter that most recipes call for. It also adds texture as well as vitamins and a lovely color.

“While a typical mac ‘n’ cheese has 908 calories, 963 milligrams of sodium and36 grams of saturated fat per serving, the numbers for this recipe are 390, 590 and 6, respectively,” according to the article.

You can easily use this secret while you are cooking different kinds of mac and cheese. Try modifying our gourmet recipes with butternut squash!

Macaroni and cheese recipes

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