Giveaway: Lucky Cheese Slots

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We’re introducing our 2 newest additions to our lineup of authentic French fromage: spreadable Crème de Bleu and Chèvremousse whipped goat cheese!

Featuring real blue cheese crumbles, Crème de Bleu is made with only rBST free milk. It’s ultra rich flavor and smooth taste makes it a truly versatile cheese. Spread it on a baguette, savor it with baked potatoes or use it as a gourmet snack dip. It also makes a delicious and easy sauce for meat and pasta dishes.

Our new Chèvremousse is an all-natural, uniquely flavorful whipped goat cheese. A perfect topping for bagels, baguette or crackers, its luxurious texture gives it a satisfying mouth feel to match an ultra fresh flavor profile.

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