Gertrude is a Cheese Loving Blogger!


Gertrude’s blog – My Kitchen Snippets – is full of delicious recipes. She indulges in Asian, Western and North/South American cooking and lives in the Suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband.

“I love the creativity of every culture when it comes to food and cooking, and I love applying those elements to my recipes in a variety of styles, they just create a mix of international flavors,” she said.

Look for her recipes soon on the Cheese Lover’s Blog!

How long have you develop a passion for food? How long have you been cooking and when/why?

I’ve been cooking ever since I was a young teenager and I have never stopped. It was important in my family, and in my culture, to share a good meal with family and friends, as well as the ritual of cooking. I’m a Chinese, born and raised in Malaysia. In my culture we believe that good food is good for the heart, soul and brings people of all diversity and family together. I’ve been in the States for a number of years now, married to an Argentine-American that has added a number of Western and Italian-Argentinean dishes to my ever grown cooking repertory. And so I’ve been delighted to share some of my Asian recipes, as well as Western and South American recipes with a wide audience across the world.

What do you like about French Cheese?

French cheese are produced in a large variety and flavors. They are ideal for me to use in dishes as well as being served them with fruits as after dinner desserts or even in hors d’oeuvres. One can never have enough of cheese especially my husband.

Favorite thing to serve at a party or family gathering?

I love serving finger food for starters like spring rolls, cheeses tray, fried wanton, empanadas, a mix of Asian and Western dishes for the main course and varieties of dessert at the end of the meal.

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