Fall Trivia Challenge Answers!

When it comes to trivia, everyone wants to know the answers! We wouldn’t leave you hanging after our Fall Trivia Challenge, so check below to see which ones you got right and which ones you missed:



Question #1: “An expert who sells cheese is called a Cheese________.”

A: monger


Question #2: “An expert on aging cheese until it reaches its flavor peak is called a:________.”

A: Affineur


Question #3: “Foodies throughout history have enjoyed cheese, including:”

– Ancient Romans
– Ancient Egyptians
– American Pilgrims
– All of the above

A: All of the above


Question #4: “What milk is used to make Ile de France Brie?”
– Goat’s milk
– Fresh Cow’s milk
– Sheep’s milk
– Moose milk

A: Fresh Cow’s milk


Question #5: Which cheese is aged in natural caves?

– Ile de France Roquefort
– Ile de France Chèvre
– Ile de France Brie Bites
– Smoked Sharp Cheddar
– American Cheese Single Serve Slices

A: Ile de France Roquefort


Question #6: Roquefort Cheese has often been called:

– The Shepherd’s Cheese
– The King of Cheese
– The Emperor of Flavor
– Fromage Affinage

A: The King of Cheese


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