Cheese Grating Made Fun!

Why haven’t they thought of this before? Sammy Medina shares with Fastcodesign a flexible cheese grater might soon be coming to market. That is awesome news because grating cheese just got more fun! When a recipe like Smokey Macaroni & Cheese calls for fresh grated cheese, we all know that the annoying part of grating fresh cheese is cleaning the shards out of the grater.  Not so if you use the bendable Flexita Grater!
Flexia Cheese Grater
This flat grater made of thin steel has handles that you can use to grate with one hand. When finished, simply release and let the grater flatten out and the cheese particles drop.Currently, the award winning Flexita is still only a prototype, but with continued buzz around this novel idea, it won’t be long before we’re seeing it on shelves. Do you prefer store bought grated cheese or do you grate your own?
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