Cheese and Beer Pairing – Perfect for Summer Happy Hour!

Beer and cheese are a naturally delicious pair. Just ask Michael Agnew, who write the “Drinks. Serious Eats Blog and is big beer and cheese fan.

The connection between beer and cheese is particularly strong since the animals milked for cheese ate the grains used for brewing beer. It’s possible that your nose and palate may pick up similar flavor profiles. Simply put, they taste good together.

“Beer and cheese also share similar flavors: nutty, tangy, floral, and earthy. They can both offer a sharp, dry texture or a smooth and creamy one. And where there is no complement there is delightful contrast; the sweetness of some beers is an ideal foil for cheese’s saltiness. And beer’s scrubbing bubbles work to whisk away the mouth-coating richness of cheese.” – continues  Michael Agnew.

With the wide variety of domestic, imported, and craft beers now available, selecting the right one can be just as overwhelming as choosing an appropriate wine.  Fortunately Mr. Michael gave us a few suggestions for our next gourmet cheese and beer tasting! Check out all his smart suggestions in his “Drinks. Serious Eats Blog“.

And here’s our French cheese and beer pairing suggestions: Cheers!

Refreshing beer and cheese

Summer beer and cheese pairings

Fall seasonal beers and cheese

Brew the perfect winter beer cheese pairings




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