Celebrate with chocolate and cheese!


Can you imagine the holiday season without chocolate? Nothing could be more traditional than chocolate presents for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Everyone from children to adults loves to open, taste and share chocolate Santas, holiday truffles, and other sweets. That’s why a perfect holiday morning often features Christmas music playing, family together laughing happily, soft snow falling, and a box of Christmas chocolates peeking out from under the tree.

Cheese and chocolate are two of the most craved foods in the world, so putting them together is natural and absolutely delicious! It can provide delicate and extremely flavorful taste sensations. Here are some quick pairing advices for your holiday delight:

Dark chocolate goes well with a range of cheese flavors – from the Brie to the Roquefort.

White chocolate is especially good with Goat cheese and provides a delectable contrast that unlocks all the flavors of each.

Milk chocolate goes extremely well with St. André cheeses, simply as a chocolate topping.

If you have Caramels try it with Brie, Raclette or even with a Bleu cheese for more exotic taste.

For more fantastic ideas of pairings cheese and chocolate together check out our Cheese and sweets – together at last!

Bon appétit! And Happy New Year!

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