IDF Ghost Hunt Answer to Clue #2

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

IDF - Ghost Hunt


Our Annual IDF Ghost Hunt is officially on! Every weekday starting today through Halloween, we’ll hide a “Gourmet Ghost” on one page of our website.

Here’s how to play: We’ll post a daily clue on Facebook and Twitter that will help you figure out where he is on that day. Then, email the page link to: contest@iledefrancecheese.com for your chance to win! See contest page for more info: http://bit.ly/18TeFSy

The answer to Monday’s clue: “Watching the fall classic? Serve this triple threat of flavor!” was Fall Flavor Trifecta: Cheese, Beer & Pretzels!! get it, triple – “trifecta”!

While you’re on the hunt for the IDF Gourmet Ghost in our Ghost Hunt, check back on our blog for the answers to the previous clue right here on our blog!

Happy Ghost Hunting!


Halloween Costume for your Cheese

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

October is in full swing and Halloween will be here before you know it! The second most important question of this holiday (right after “what are you going to be for Halloween”) is what are you going to be serving this Halloween?

It is just as fun to dress our food up as it is to dress ourselves up in a scary theme! Some of the most versatile party appetizers around are cheese based, mainly because you can mold, carve and sculpt it into the creepy art that will delight your guests!

We’re highlighting one interesting appetizer from Cleverly Inspired : the Halloween Spider Cheese Ball and Platter Appetizer!

Give this interesting recipe a try and let us know how it goes on our Facebook!

SS spider-cheese-ball-halloween-appetizer-cleverlyinspired-8



IDF on TV!

Friday, October 18th, 2013

IDF is on TV! Our famous Ile de France Brie has been making the rounds on television, this time alongside our other cheeses: Saint Andre, St. Agur and Chaumes! Charles Duque of CheesesofFrance.com joined Margaret Larson from New Day Morning Show on Seattle’s King 5 to give the audience a quick French cheese 101.

Did you ever want to learn the “method to the cheese madness” in building a cheese plate? Charles shares this simple rule of thumb:

Place the mildest cheese at noon position on the plate, placing the stronger cheeses going clockwise and finishing with the strongest cheese.

In this case, the strongest cheese was the St. Agur blue cheese, rounding out the plate. Charles also wants to point out that it’s best to try to include different colors, different textures, and different rinds (outer surface of the cheese).


Check out the clip here: Fromage de France


Delectable cheese Appetizers for Your Dinner Parties

Monday, October 14th, 2013

October is in full swing and whether you’ll be hosting an upscale Halloween dinner, or spooky themed party, you’ll want the perfect appetizers! This article from The Week has some delectable ideas for appetizers like:

Visit us on our Facebook page and let us know some ideas you have for your fall dinner parties!


Chevre Devil

Fall Trivia Challenge Answers!

Monday, October 7th, 2013

When it comes to trivia, everyone wants to know the answers! We wouldn’t leave you hanging after our Fall Trivia Challenge, so check below to see which ones you got right and which ones you missed:



Question #1: “An expert who sells cheese is called a Cheese________.”

A: monger


Question #2: “An expert on aging cheese until it reaches its flavor peak is called a:________.”

A: Affineur


Question #3: “Foodies throughout history have enjoyed cheese, including:”

- Ancient Romans
- Ancient Egyptians
- American Pilgrims
- All of the above

A: All of the above


Question #4: “What milk is used to make Ile de France Brie?”
- Goat’s milk
- Fresh Cow’s milk
- Sheep’s milk
- Moose milk

A: Fresh Cow’s milk


Question #5: Which cheese is aged in natural caves?

- Ile de France Roquefort
- Ile de France Chèvre
- Ile de France Brie Bites
- Smoked Sharp Cheddar
- American Cheese Single Serve Slices

A: Ile de France Roquefort


Question #6: Roquefort Cheese has often been called:

- The Shepherd’s Cheese
- The King of Cheese
- The Emperor of Flavor
- Fromage Affinage

A: The King of Cheese


The City of Love… for Cheese

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

If you ever plan a trip to Paris and are reading this blog, chances are, you’ll want to experience all the fine cheeses Paris has to offer. Even if you aren’t planning for one soon, take a mental vacation and imagine going on a cheese tour to all most famous spots in Paris to experience le fromage! To help craft your hit list of cheese tours, we found a handy must-visit list, Cheese Tastings in Paris, compiled by acclaimed pastry chef, author, and food personality David Lebovitz.

French bistro

If someone you know is visiting France in the near future, don’t let them go without this list! They’ll thank you for it, and in return, maybe they’ll even bring you back a little cheese souvenir…







Brie on TV!

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Have you heard of a new show on Fox called Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Fans of Saturday Night Live will want to tune in and watch Andy Samberg as Det. Jake Peralta in this comedy about detectives at the very edge of New York City! If you saw the first episode of the series, you may have noticed a familiar wheel of cheese! You’ll find our Ile de France wheel of brie behind the counter at Beneficios Market at 13:40 min into the show.

Let us know what you think of the show!


Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 11.01.43 AM


Giveaways and Cheese Deals!

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Hey Cheeselovers!

While you enter our Gourmet Soiree giveaway, you can always save on our famous cheese with our super easy printable coupons!


Gourmet Soiree Giveaway

Gourmet Soiree Giveaway


Ile de France Cheese Printable Coupon

Ile de France Cheese Printable Coupon



Bastille Day Party Ideas

Thursday, July 11th, 2013


Besides Serving up some fine french cheese like Brie, Goat cheese, Camembert, or Roquefort, there are plenty of ways to add French Flair to your party. As long as the cheese is good and plentiful, all else can be arranged!

  • For edible decoration guests will feel guilty for enjoying, may we suggest trying this oh-so-simple Eiffel Tower Cookie Sundae recipe from What’s Cooking?: A Cookbook for Kids (Ratatouille) with an introduction and recipe by famous restauranteur, Thomas Keller. In it, you will find the most ingeniously simple idea of an Eiffel Tower made of wafer cookies! The blog Books Alive shows the final product of this edible iconic symbol of France! The image below is the finished product from the Books Alive blog.
eiffel tower cookie bastille day

Eiffel Tower Cookie Sundae image from Books Alive blog


  • Don’t put away all those 4th of July decorations yet! You can still re-use Red, White and Blue decor from your last fete. Just try to coordinate the blue on the left, white in the middle and red on the right, and steer away from stars and stripes. Alternatively, grab some on sale while they’re still available and just stick with basic solid red, white and blue. Food can also double as decor (as long as they last on the table!) So you can display those blueberries and strawberries next to your Brie for a blue, white and red theme and voila!

Food can double as decor


  • Set the party mood with a Bastille Day playlist! Browse on youtube, Spotify, or Pandora to find a French playlist. Songs with accordions could be a fun way to take you back in time to a bistro far, far away…
Bastille Day Youtube Playlist

A still from the French Accordion playlist on Youtube

Health Benefits of Cheese

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

According to an article on Doctor Solve Blog,  there are positive health benefits of eating cheese regardless of what type of cheese you eat (cheese in a can and cheese whiz don’t count).

Some of the benefits include cavity prevention, cancer prevention, and bone strength & density. So next time you want to indulge in a delicious piece of cheese, don’t feel bad — you are doing your body good!


Image courtesy of doodlewutt.blogspot.com