Our Annual Ile de France Recipe Contest is Back!

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Hey Cheeselovers!

Our recipe contest is back! You could win up to $1,000 or other prizes like cash or gourmet prizes by Boska Holland. For more info, click here:

Make any dish that includes cheese and send us the recipe and a picture of the finished dish for a chance to win fabulous gourmet prizes and cash:

Grand Prize: $1,000
Runner Up: $250
3rd Place: $250
Best Appetizer: Boska Holland Gourmet Prize
Best Main Course: Boska Holland Gourmet Prize
Best Dessert: Boska Holland Gourmet Prize

A panel of culinary experts and cheese industry professionals will judge entries based on originality, presentation, creativity and use of cheese.

To participate, simply send us a recipe and picture that features at least one cheese featured on www.IledeFranceCheese and is suitable to serve at a holiday gathering. Send all entries to

Entries must include a cheese on the Ile de France website or won’t be considered. Entries without a picture won’t be considered. Participants may submit multiple entries. Judges reserve the right – at their sole discretion – to disqualify any entry.


IDF Recipe Contest

Create Your Own Cheese Board Giveaway

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Hey Cheese lovers!

We are hosting a super fun new giveaway!

To enter, create your own custom cheese board by picking your favorite delicious IDF cheeses, accompaniments and a board or knife set, then submit your selections to enter to win it!

With so many flavorful options, where does one begin?!  To help you make your choice, read about the flavor profile, history, and recipes for each of the cheeses here:



Goat Cheese


St. Andre

St. Agur

St. Albray

Which cheeses are you picking?

Create your own cheese board

IDF Ghost Hunt Answer to Clue #1

Monday, October 28th, 2013

IDF - Ghost Hunt


Our Annual IDF Ghost Hunt is officially on! Every weekday starting today through Halloween, we’ll hide a “Gourmet Ghost” on one page of our website.

Here’s how to play: We’ll post a daily clue on Facebook and Twitter that will help you figure out where he is on that day. Then, email the page link to: for your chance to win! See contest page for more info:

The answer to Friday’s clue: “Creamy texture & rock solid flavor – just like the caves it comes from.” was Roquefort. Get it? rock solid…caves 🙂

While you’re on the hunt for the IDF Gourmet Ghost in our Ghost Hunt, check back on our blog for the answers to the previous clue right here on our blog!

Happy Ghost Hunting!


Fall Trivia Challenge Answers!

Monday, October 7th, 2013

When it comes to trivia, everyone wants to know the answers! We wouldn’t leave you hanging after our Fall Trivia Challenge, so check below to see which ones you got right and which ones you missed:



Question #1: “An expert who sells cheese is called a Cheese________.”

A: monger


Question #2: “An expert on aging cheese until it reaches its flavor peak is called a:________.”

A: Affineur


Question #3: “Foodies throughout history have enjoyed cheese, including:”

– Ancient Romans
– Ancient Egyptians
– American Pilgrims
– All of the above

A: All of the above


Question #4: “What milk is used to make Ile de France Brie?”
– Goat’s milk
– Fresh Cow’s milk
– Sheep’s milk
– Moose milk

A: Fresh Cow’s milk


Question #5: Which cheese is aged in natural caves?

– Ile de France Roquefort
– Ile de France Chèvre
– Ile de France Brie Bites
– Smoked Sharp Cheddar
– American Cheese Single Serve Slices

A: Ile de France Roquefort


Question #6: Roquefort Cheese has often been called:

– The Shepherd’s Cheese
– The King of Cheese
– The Emperor of Flavor
– Fromage Affinage

A: The King of Cheese


Enter the Cheese Lover’s Challenge!

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Don’t forget to enter out Cheese Lover’s Challenge Recipe Contest!

It’s easy to enter, all you have to do is make a dish that includes cheese – appetizers, entres or desserts are eligible – then send us the recipe and a picture for a chance to win cash and prizes!

Enter by December 16 – you’ll be eligible for these Prizes:

– Overall Grand Prize: Cash $ 600
– Overall 1st Runner Up: Cash $ 250
– Overall Honorable Mention: Gourmet Prize Pack
– Cheese Lover’s Choice Fan Voting Winner: Cash $ 150
– Best Appetizer: Gourmet Prize Pack
– Best Main Course:Gourmet Prize Pack
– Best Dessert: Gourmet Prize Pack

More information can be found by clicking here.


Having a Summer Soiree? – Let us supply the FROMAGE & more!!!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Good news, cheese lovers – Ile de France has announced its new contest, which will award a full party prize pack including various cheeses, Boska Hollan cheese tools, cds and more for a total package that’s worth $300.

To win, simply submit three reasons why your party is worthy of the gourmet fromage prize pack!

The Ile de France Cheese Team will pick one winner per week through the end of September – and one bonus winner will be picked from among all the contest’s participants.

So, if you’re planning a party, charity event, anniversary, birthday, farewell, welcome home or any other type of celebration where fine French cheese could be savored by the guests – enter the contest today!

And, if you don’t win this week, keep trying each week through the end of September! Each week is a new chance to win!

Good luck!

Ile de France Cheese Contest is now back with a Spring Edition!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Dear food lovers, and cheese fans

Ile de France announces its new recipe contest: Spring follies!
There is $500 cash and 3 cheese baskets to win (2 baskets at $200 value and 1 basket at $100 value)!

To participate, send us the following to before the 29th of April 2009.
1 picture or 1 video and your recipe (the text) with Ile de France cheese (goat, brie or camembert), your name and address*

One suggestion from us: be creative in the way you pair and use spring ingredients and let the spring blossom in your recipes!

The Ile de France community will start the rating of the entries on the 1st of May.

Here is the list of prizes you can win:

1st Grand prize: $500 cash check
For the the recipe that obtains the most points, received via rating (Points are awarded from 1-5, and total scores are calculated at the end of the contest).

2nd Grand prize: a $200 value cheese basket with freshly cut cheeses and IDf cheeses
For the recipe that obtains the second most number of points received via rating (Points are awarded from 1-5, and total scores are calculated at the end of the contest).

3rd Grand prize: a $100 value cheese basket with freshly cut cheeses and IDF cheeses
For the recipe that obtains the third most number of points received via rating (Points are awarded from 1-5, and total scores are calculated at the end of the contest).

Special Prize: a $200 value cheese basket with freshly cut cheeses and IDF cheeses
For the recipe that the Ile de France Chef’s Team select as their favorite.  (The Ile de France Chef’s Team will make a decision based on creativity, styling and photo/video presentation).