Camembert and Brie


Marla Meridith created a fantastic Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe with Ile de France Camembert – and some cheese-lovers were wondering, what’s the difference between Camembert and Brie?

Marla did a little research and her conclusion that Camembert is a bit stronger while Brie is creamier is absolutely correct. But there are many similarities; Both are semi-soft fromages with bloomy rinds. The cheese-making process for each is similar and both are made from cow-milk.

So why are they different at all?

The main differences stem from the regions where each is made. Camembert is made in Normandy and Brie in the region of Ile de France. The regions’ climate and proximity to certain parts of the ocean alters the soil – affecting what the cows eat and ultimately the milk that produces each cheese.

Learn more about the origins of both cheeses on our Camembert and Brie pages.

Both cheeses are flavorful and versatile – and we’ve got some great recipes show off the flavors of each!

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