A Savory Twist on a Picnic Favorite

The dog days of summer are upon us again… but that doesn’t mean we can’t beat the heat with refreshing salad recipes! Salad Saturday returns to serve you up some inspirations for your picnic tables.

Angela Roberts is an award-winning food blogger who’s cooking is local, fresh and often Italian inspired: Food a woman will love and a man will marry her for! She is also Rated in Top 10 of Urban Spoon for Nashville Restaurant Reviews and her Savory Sour Cream Chive Cheesecake With Potato Chip Crust was featured on Huffington Post. Her saucy site, Spinach Tiger, has a huge variety of recipes, but today is our day for salads.

This recipe she shared with us is sure to pique your interest: Blue Cheese Coleslaw with Green Apple.

The elements of Blue cheese and dijon mustard come together in quite a medley and the apple brings a crunch to the texture, while the cabbage lends its nutritious qualities! This cole slaw is dinner party appropriate and could bring zest to a simple main dish; Angela suggests pairing with a pork loin or a roasted piece of fish.

Spinach Tiger's Blue Cheese Coleslaw with Apples

Spinach Tiger’s Blue Cheese Coleslaw with Apples

The recipe calls for Ile de France Roquefort “which is quite salty and tangy, so a little goes a long way, but even Mr. Spinach Tiger who doesn’t like blue cheese totally loved this cole slaw.”

You can find Spinach Tiger on Twitter: @SpinachTiger and on Facebook: Spinach Tiger and also on Pinterest: Spinach Tiger

Enjoy your Salad Saturday!


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