A Cheese a Day Will Keep the Pounds Away!?


Who doesn’t enjoy a mid-to-late night cheese snack? The CLB certainly does. All sorts of cheeses can be a great snack, from Brie to Parmesan. Of course, post snack you’re bound to ask yourself, was that the healthiest choice I could have made…? The common perception of cheese is generally skewed and is made out to be a very unhealthy snack. However, in recent studies it was shown that women who ate an ounce of full-fat cheese a day gained fewer pounds over time than those who didn’t. This information was collected and distributed by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Turns out whole-fat dairy may fuel your metabolism due to the conjugated linoleic acid it contains! Want all the details? Check out http://www.ajcn.org/ for more information.

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