5 minute Brie appetizer by Stacey

Brie Appetizer

1 Ile de France Brie (not a wedge, a whole wheel)
Honeycup mustard, the stuff in the hexagon jar
chopped pistachio meats
Carefully cut off the top rind of the brie with a sharp knife.
Leave the sides in tact.
Place in a microwave dish.
Spread Honeycup thick honey mustard on the top and sprinkle with chopped pistachio meats.
Microwave 1 minute on medium and see what happens!

Serve with apple slices or crackers, and as it cools down, you can keep reheating it in the microwave, so it still has that oozy look.
It so tasty and SO EASY!

Rating: 2.88/5
Total points: 207.36

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