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Strawberries and Cheese

Thursday, April 28th, 2016


Welcome the warmth of spring with in-season strawberries. They’re juicy, sweet and pair well with the savory flavor of cheese. Here are our 4 favorite ways to enjoy strawberries and cheese this spring.

Strawberry Salad

Combine baby spinach, sliced strawberries, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts and either balsamic or asian sesame dressing

Brie Cheese

Ile de France Brie is a sweet, creamy cheese with nutty and slightly earthy notes. Simply cutting up some of this creamy cheese, paired with cut up strawberries makes the perfect snack

Saint Agur

We love a good blue cheese with strawberries. Find some larger strawberries at your grocery. Cut the stems off and scoop out the middle with a knife or small spoon. Stuff the strawberries with Saint Agur. Then drizzle with balsamic.


Strawberry and Brie Grilled Cheese

Butter two slices of your favorite bread (on one side each). Assemble sandwich by covering first slice of bread (butter side down) with slices of Brie. Top with sliced strawberries, covering the cheese to the edges. Top with more brie and remaining slice of bread. Heat a skillet to medium heat and place sandwich on skillet. Cook until side is golden brown and cheese starts to melt. Flip the sandwich (carefully) and cook until golden brown. Serve immediately.

7 Rules for Every Cheese Lover

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

french cheese

Here are 7 key rules that every dedicated cheese lover should live by.

Don’t freeze fresh cheese

After just one day, fresh cheese will lose start to lose its moisture

Use a different utensil for each cheese

When serving cheese have a utensil for each type of cheese. You don’t want your Brie to taste like Saint Agur do you?

Don’t put unwrapped cheese in the fridge

This is easy. IF you leave cheese unwrapped it will dry out, harden and become uneatable.

Try not to wrap cheese in cling film

Although this is a widely accepted method, try using cheese paper or parchment paper. These papers allow the cheese to breathe better so it won’t drop out.

Don’t serve cheese straight out of the fridge

Serving cheese cold ruins the flavors, aromas and textures. Cheese should be pulled out of the fridge an hour before serving to achieve the best possible cheese experience.

Keep the cheese a wedge for as long as possible

When serving a cheese board keep the cheese in a wedge for as possible, don’t pre-slice. This will keep cheese from drying out. Also, the flavor of the cheese is best at the center, so let everyone experience this by keeping it in a wedge.

Quatre Tips for a Cheese Board

Monday, April 4th, 2016

When it comes to designing a cheese board 4 words should come to mind; tangy, creamy, funky and salty. This 4 categories will help you take your palette on a magical journey of cheese.



Think: goat cheese. Your first bite on a cheese board should be fresh. Ile de France Goat cheese is slightly salty, a bit tangy and above all – fresh tasting, with a rich texture.



Think: soft and supple. You could go with a classic Brie or Camembert here but why not change it up. Try Chaumes. Chaumes has a soft, springy but creamy texture. It is rich in fruity aromatics but has an hazelnut after taste.

etorki (1)


Think: something you haven’t tried before. We love Etorki. It is a sheep’s milk cheese from the French Basque region. Etorki has a smooth, velvety texture and rich, hazelnut, almost burnt caramel-like flavor. Its aroma is sweet and buttery, and the cheese is voluptuous on the tongue. It pairs very well with pickles, olives and cured meats.



Think: blue cheese. Our Saint Agur is a perfectly sinful, blue cheese to add to your cheese board. It entices you with its naked butteriness and delicate sharpness. It is slightly less salty than other blues but has 60% buttercream making delectably sinful. Pair this blue and others with honey, fruits and nuts!