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How to eat stinky cheeses without getting bad breath

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t eat cheese, especially in the United States. Think of common favorite foods: pizza, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and even classic salads all feature cheese. However, eating some cheeses can sometimes come with a price: bad breath.

A recent article at provides great rules for eating cheese and avoiding halitosis (bad breath). Follow Harold Katz’s advice and always keep your breath fresh no matter how stinky you favorite cheese is!

Fro example, main rule is simply using a breath freshening product after eating. The two best tools for the job are: an oxygenating toothpaste, which banishes bacteria or an alcohol-free mouthwash, which can flush away proteins and odor compounds.

So now that we’ve eliminated bad breath, let’s remember all the health benefits of eating cheese! Check out our health topics:

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Video Recipe: Ile de France Single Serve Brie Crispy Spring Rolls

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Today we’re happy to present one of the most delicious finger food recipes from our video recipe collection.

If you are looking for a gourmet cheesy delight – take a look at this delicious Brie wrapped in spring rolls, slightly fried and dipped in honey mustard dressing recipe prepared by Chef Gwen in New York City.

The main ingredients you need are: single serve Brie, spring roll shells, some Boston lettuce and a homemade honey-mustard dip.

Start out by making a homemade honey-mustard dip for your spring rolls. Simply mix the Dijon mustard, honey, vinegar and olive oil all together in a small bowl. Also add a bit of water if you find it too thick for dipping rolls.

Now we are good to make the main part of the recipe – Crispy Spring Rolls. First of all separate a spring roll layer, avoid ripping, and lay it on a flat surface. After that place the mini Brie halves in the middle of spring roll layer.

Sprinkle with fresh pepper. Fold the shell around the cheese, then roll, then fold and roll again, for an even distribution of the pastry.

Deep fry the spring rolls at 350°F for about 3 minutes (until golden brown). Drip off excess oil onto paper towel.

Set the lettuce on the bottom of the plate, cut the spring rolls in halves, and serve with the honey-mustard dip.

To watch whole video please follow this link

Bon Appetit.

Who is in for Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese sandwiches? From little kids to seniors everyone loves this cheesy treat! That’s way it’s not a surprising you could find this rich creamy delight on almost any restaurant’s menu prepared in a variety of ways.

A recent article in “The Big Cheese: Ultimate Grilled Cheese” describes a number of fabulous grilled cheese sandwich spots in the states, including Outerlands, San Francisco; Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Seattle and New York Cit; Pinewood Café, Houston; Butcher & Bee, Charleston, SC and others.

Also check out the amazing Slideshow: Best Grilled Cheese in the U.S.  at

For those who prefer to enjoy homemade food we’ve got a variety of amazingly delicious original grilled cheese recipes that feature French fromage from goat cheese to Brie.

Bon appétit.

Ile de France Jam Session Giveaway & Ile de France Coupons

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Summer is a perfect time to savor your favorite cheese along with a variety of delicious fruit preserves, especially if it’s Bonne Maman Preserves and Ile de France cheeses.

That’s why we partnered with Bonne Maman Preserves to offer you a fabulous prize packs that include five jars of Bonne Maman fruit preserves and an assortment of Ile de France Cheese coupons each!

Enter our Jam Session Giveaway every week through June 27 for a chance to win a refreshing gourmet prize pack!

Also check out our cheese and preserves pairing guide to get started with!

Good luck!


Happy National Cheese Day!

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Today is National Cheese Day! The perfect day to eat, cook with or discuss your favorite cheeses! To celebrate National Cheese Day the right way check out some of our best recipes featuring different fromages!

–       Provencal vegetable grill with toasted Goat cheese nut rounds

–       Brie and Cherry Kolaches        

–       Batter-Coated Camembert Cheese Loaves

–       Glazed Fruited Winter Squash with St. Andre Cheese

–       Ile de France Roquefort and Apples Lasagna         

–       Oranges with Balsamic Caramel and St Agur

What cheese are YOU having today?