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Duck Foie Gras with Goat Cheese & Raspberry Sauce

Restaurant: Provence Grill in Miami
Chef: Jerome Cormouls

Restaurant:Provence Grill in Miami, FL Chef:Jerome Cormouls Cheese:Ile de France Goat Cheese Gourmet sandwiches with Goat cheese, Fois Gras and rasberry sauce. Ingredients 1 Loaf of walnut bread 4 oz duck foie gras (raw) 3 oz Ile de France goat … Continue reading

Restaurant: Le Gamin in NY Cheese:St. Albray Recipe Type:Burger / Sandwich Rich, savory St. Albray cheese with mushrooms, onions & red peppers on a crunchy baguette prepared at Le Gamin in Brooklyn, NY. Ingredients St Albray cheese- 2 slices per … Continue reading