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Dried Fruit Stuffed Brie Cheese

Restaurant: Sandrines in Boston, Massachusetts

Restaurant: Sandrines in Boston, MA Cheese:Brie Recipe Type:Dessert Serves:4 Ingredients 8 or 10 oz Ile de France Brie 2 each Flat bread 1 lb Dried fruit compote ½ cup Raisins ½ cup Dried figs, diced ½ cup Dried dates, diced … Continue reading

Brie Cheese Tartiflette with bacon & potatoes

Restaurant: Brasserie Julien in New York
Chef: Philippe Feret

Restaurant: Fredericks in NY Chef: Philippe Feret Cheese:Ile de France Brie Recipe Type:Entree Tartiflette with Potatoes, onions, brie cheese, bacon prepared by Chef Philippe in New York City. Ingredients 20 oz. Yukon gold potatoes 2 large Spanish onions (sweet onions) … Continue reading

Ile de France Single Serve Brie Crispy Spring Rolls

Restaurant: Fredericks in New York
Chef: Gwen

Restaurant: Fredericks in NY Chef: Gwen Cheese:Ile de France Brie Recipe Type:Appetizer Serves:4 Prep time:15 mins Cook time:3 mins Total time:18 mins Delicious Brie Cheese wrapped spring rolls, slightly fried & dipped in honey mustard dressing. Prepared by Chef Gwen … Continue reading

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